Shortly after we moved to New Jersey from Denver, we started talking about starting our family.  A couple of years later we welcomed our first son, Joe, to this world.  Joe is a thoughtful, sensitive, infinitely curious 4-year old boy with an old soul.  He loves reading, playing with Legos and pretending to be various superheroes (and dressing up like them if possible).  Joe also loves swimming, riding his bike and playing baseball. 

Joe adores his little brother Nico and really enjoys spending time with his relatives in both Buffalo and Chicago.  He will absolutely love having a baby sister in the house and will love teaching her all of the things that he has learned so far in his life. 




We were blessed with another boy, Nico, when Joe was 2 ½ years old.  Nico came out with a full head of hair and once he started walking he didn’t stop!  Nico has boundless amounts of energy and is always wanting to mimic his big brother Joe.  Nico is tremendously independent and always wants to do things without any help.  He loves any sport that has a ball – soccer, baseball, football, etc… - and has a motor that doesn’t stop. 

Although Nico is currently the baby, we think that he will so thrilled to welcome a baby into our family.  He and Joe will be sure to protect the baby with all of their might for the rest of their lives.